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I recently attended Sanae's Jikiden Reiki seminar as a review. There is so much history, concepts and techniques of Jikiden Reiki to remember and comprehend; so it was a great refresher course for me. Sanae is a good teacher, very thorough in her lectures and effective in hands-on training. I enjoyed the intimate setting which had a warm and inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend Sanae's Jikiden Reiki seminars to anyone wanting to learn Reiki healing!

- Marie S. ~ Vancouver, BC

Sanae Okada brings authenticity along with her natural healing energy to this Jikiden Reiki seminar. I have left with useful and helpful knowledge of what true Reiki is, and how to implement it into my daily life...I am starting to practice on my family and friends. I had waited a long time to take a Reiki course and Iʼm glad I waited for this opportunity to learn Jikiden Reiki, the original Reiki, because it was worthwhile. Thank you Sanae for sharing your vast knowledge with me and your other students.

- Ashley Ram ~ Vancouver, BC

I went into my first Reiki treatment with what I'll call "open skepticism." It wasn't that I thought Reiki couldn't work, I was just doubtful that I'd experience much more — in terms of results from the treatment — than a feeling of relaxation. Imagine my suprise when a long-standing shoulder injury showed notable improvement after just a one-hour session. Thanks to Sanae my yoga practice is now more comfortable than it has been for months.

- Kate MacLennan, City Editor of Chatelaine ~ Vancouver, BC

I have completed Jikiden Reiki (Level 1) with Sanae. The course was set in a lovely relaxed environment - she was articulate and her teaching was professional and fun. The experience was most enjoyable and I look forward to taking future courses with her.

- Kim Mcllveen ~ Vancouver, BC

I had the opportunity to have a couple of Jikiden Reiki sessions with Sanae to see if it would provide any relief from my multiple sclerosis. I suffer numbness in my hands daily for the past year and a half. I had never experienced Jikiden Reiki before so I didn’t know what to expect. During the first session, I immediately felt calm and relaxed. A few hours after the session the numbness actually started to go away. For the next 4 days, I had little numbness in my hands. The second session I received was very similar to the first, very relaxing and providing relief from my symptoms. After these experiences, I believe that if I had regular Jikiden Reiki treatments my symptoms would diminish. As a yoga teacher, I understand and appreciate energy concepts. Reiki re-establishes normal energy flow which can help the body to heal itself. Sanae is a warm, caring person and I highly recommend her work to anyone that wants to take the natural approach to improving their health and well-being!

- Shannon Beaton Pi ~ Vancouver, BC